Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jarred Baby Food

Up until this past week, the Boys have only consumed pureed fruits and veggies that I have made. In other words, no jarred baby food.

But when I was at the store the other day I checked out the baby food aisle to see if there were any fruits and veggies that I've been missing. That's when I spotted Pasta Primavera, Lasagna, Turkey, Rice and Vegetables, etc.

So, I picked up a couple of jars to give to the Boys and...

Oh My Goodness. 
They love it!

They can't eat it fast enough. They want more and more of it.

This goes against everything I've tried to prevent them from consuming like "ascorbic acid". Really, that can't be all that great for them. But, then I realized how many children eat jarred baby food (me and Trent included) and we turned out alright (kind of).

I will give into their love of purred lasagna once a day. I eat a cookie once a day, so why shouldn't they get the same treat!

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