Thursday, August 19, 2010

BFF - Best Friends Forever

Did you have a friend in elementary school that you referred to as your "BFF"? Well, I did and we were inseparable. We had many phone conversations about what matching outfit we would wear to school the next day. Our Moms made us matching outfits for church camp. We even had the two piece heart necklace.

We looked as opposite as we could..her with blond straight hair and fair skin, me with my dark curly hair and dark skin.

We were in the same classroom our first two years at Jefferson Elementary. Then I moved to Lincoln Elementary and she remained at Jefferson. We were separated for a year, but of course it seemed like an eternity. Luckily the two schools shared the same Counselor and we would send notes and messages to each other through her.

In middle school, my BFF moved to a different city and our conversations became less frequent, but we always knew each other was there. We ended up at the same college but didn't have a lot of contact there either. After college we moved to different states and lost contact all together.

About two and a half years ago, I ran into her at the gym. I didn't know she taught there and was so excited when I saw her. It was wonderful to get reacquainted and to get to know her husband, little boy and her precious little girl (I could just kiss that little girls cheeks all day long).

I don't get to see her as often as I like as our hectic schedules seem to always keep us apart even though we live less than 10 miles from each other.

I met her for dinner last night and even though I haven’t seen her in a really long time, it was like no time had passed since I saw her last.

I can only hope that my boys have friends as wonderful as Allison!

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  1. Love this. Friendships that allow you to pick up right where you left off just fill you up inside. Beautiful story about Allison!