Monday, February 28, 2011

A First

Last night while we watched the Oscars (I love the Oscars), Brooks was diligent about working on his roll over skills.  He would roll to his side and then get mad because he couldn't make it all the way over.  Then he he would roll back to his back and rest.  Then go at it again.  He never made it all the way over, but we knew he was close. 

This morning I laid Brooks on his back while I was getting ready for work.  When I came back to check on him he was on his belly.  He rolled over and I missed it!  I was super bummed, but I'm sure it won't be the first thing I miss. 

Now it's Jackson's turn, which shouldn't be too much longer. 

I can't believe how fast they are growing; next week they will be 4 months old. 



I love these little guys!

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