Monday, May 2, 2011

City Girl

I am a City Girl.  That's all there is to it.  Not necessarily by choice, rather it's all I've ever known.  I've only swam in a pond a couple of times, I'm not a fan of bugs, I've never been camping.

Easter weekend we loaded up the car and headed south on I-35 to Marietta, Oklahoma.  We stayed at the home of our good friends that we've referred to as "The Farm" since I was a child.  Not really sure why we call it The Farm since nothing is "farmed" there.  While on our get-a-way, we did and saw things we wouldn't normally in Suburbia, America.

#1 - My cousin's son, Blue (who is 8) shot a snake and brought it to us to see.  It was huge!  When I asked what happened to the belly of the snake he replied "well, I shot it" as if saying, what else do you think happened to it. 

#2 - Aunt Lenora has a couple of chicken coops and we ate fresh eggs in the best chicken salad ever!

#3 - Trent and I hiked to the creek at The Farm with ear protection, eye protection, lots of ammunition and a hand gun.  Yep, it's time I learned to shoot a gun.  I'll admit, I've been a little anxious about it (ok, a lot anxious) and finally overcame my fear.  Here are a few photos of me and Trent in action.  Blue shot the snake at age 8, like no big deal, and here I was (at a much more mature age) a little nervous. 
I couldn't stop laughing while Trent was taking my picture. 
By the way, the gun was not loaded at this time.
Finally, a serious face.  Hand guns really aren't a joking matter.
Doesn't he look tough!
He's a much better shot than I am.

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  1. So HAPPY that i'm not the only "city girl, bug hater" in the family!!!