Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doctor's Appointment - 27 Weeks

Each time I go to the doctor the same things happens. I pee in a cup, I get on the scale, they check my blood pressure, listen to the heart beats and then the doctor measures my belly with a measuring tape (real scientific, right?!). This is a very subjective measurement that basically gives the doctor an indication of how the babies are growing.

Week 27 appointment went as usual. Pee in a cup, weigh, blood pressure check, heart beats (good) and then out comes the measuring tape.

Doctor S. measured my belly and said that he didn't think I was meausuring as big as I should for this far along in the pregnancy and for having twins. He went back to his charts several times to see what I measured last month and I had grown 2 inches but he didn't think that was really enough. He said that since I had an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday that we would know more about what was going on then. He didn't seem too overly concerned, but then again Doctor S. has a good poker face. So, that was that and I left the office.

After my appointment I went to Panera to get some breakfast and while I was there my cell phone rang. It was Doctor S. He said that he had been thinking about it and decided that he wanted me to have the ultrasound on Friday instead of waiting until Tuesday. Now I was concerned. I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day and I didn’t sleep Thursday night. Was something wrong with my babies?

All the worrying was for nothing! Both babies are doing great. Baby A weighs 2 lbs. 1 oz and Baby B weighs 2 lbs. 5 oz. Baby A is head down and Baby B is head up. I go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound. At this rate, they are predicting that the babies will weigh close to 7 lbs if I carry all the way to 37 weeks. I can’t believe I could have TWO 7 lb babies in my belly!

I’m ready for them to get here so I can stop worry about them. I know, I know…I will worry about them until the day I die, but at least I can quit worrying about their safe arrival. Then I can move on to worrying about something else!

9 weeks and counting!

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