Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 30 - 7 weeks to go...

I can’t believe that in 7 weeks we will have two little boys. I can’t wait to meet them and kiss on their precious cheeks!

All is going well with the pregnancy…we are right on track. Trent and I laid in bed last night watched the aliens in my belly move around…it still kind of freaks me out but makes me feel alive, all at the same time.

Home renovations are still underway. My to do list is, thankfully, getting shorter. We have new carpet throughout the entire house. It really has transformed the place. See for yourself...

The old stair carpet...

And now for the new...

I have a new counter top in my bathroom. It is the last room to be renovated. The shower area still needs to be redone, but at least the vanity area is almost complete. Dad removed the original 1960’s counter top and sink last week. Good bye blue and white counter top.

Here is the new one. The tile back splash should be installed soon.

The repairs from the May 17th hail storm get underway this week. First on the list…new roof. I think I’m most ready to get the roof replaced so the many roofing companies in Oklahoma City will quit harassing me. After that the house gets painted and new gutters installed. I’m ready to say “so long” to the green house paint.

The nursery is coming along nicely. I will post pics soon.

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  1. I LOVE that carpet on the stairs. And your bathroom sink with the rectangular basin is just perfect. Can't wait to see nursery pics!!