Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The forbidden (fill in the blank)

These days, I think the only thing a pregnant woman is allowed to eat is broccoli. Ok, so there's more than just broccoli, but sometimes it feels that way.

I believe on the forbidden list is lunch meat and hot dogs (who knew), cheese such as blue cheese, feta and brie (some of my favorites), raw fish (oh, how I miss sushi), raw eggs (no Caesar salad here), and of course alcohol.

I recently learned of non-alcoholic beer and it has become a touchy subject in our house. Sometimes I just miss the taste, the smell...really I do! It's amazing how bad you want something when you can't have it. While non-alcoholic beer and wine don't contain much alcohol, they still have a bit (less than 0.5%).

I figure our parents and grandparents smoked, drank and took over the counter pain medication harder than Tylenol and we all turned out ok, for the most part anyways. Can one non-alcoholic beverage every now and then harm anything? I'm off to the doctor tomorrow and on my list of questions is "can I or can't I". To be continued...


  1. First, had NO idea you had this blog. Can't wait to enjoy more updates on the Growing Bridges Family!

    Second, big time congrats that the Bridges Family is growing!!!

    Third, ahem, I have strong opinions on this particular Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts topic, three pregnancies into this parenting thing. And those opinions have changed through the years. AND, not everyone, even in my immediate circle, shares those opinions. I'll say this much: you're an educated woman who will make good, solid choices for you and your family, even during pregnancy. Go with your gut and consider this the first in a whole long line of parenting decisions you'll make with which not everyone will agree.

    And enjoy that glass of wine, if you so choose. ;)

  2. Thanks for your words of wisdom. By the way, I love reading your blog. It let's me prepare for what is a head of me.

  3. I found your blog through Megan @ SortaCrunchy and just had to say one thing on this topic. I rolled my eyes at most of the strict food rules for pregnant women. Many of them are just silly. I was the pregnant who enjoyed a glass of wine occasionally, and I would do that again.

    But when I was seven months pregnant, I contracted an awful awful thing called campylobacter. I received it from one of two things: uncooked chicken (I had made baked chicken a few days before) or a soft cheese (I ate bites off a cheese plate also a few days before). By that stage of my pregnancy, it wasn't dangerous to my baby, but it was miserable. Similar to having food poisoning for two weeks!

    I personally believe that I got it from the uncooked chicken. So now I tell any of my pregnant friends to be particularly careful when cooking, since they're more susceptible to it.

    Good luck with your growing family!

  4. Thanks Laura! I appreciate your comment. I will be very cautious around chicken.