Thursday, June 17, 2010

Names for the Grandparents

These days, there are a million different names out there for Grandparents. When I was a kid we called them Grandmother, Granny, Grandfather and Grandad. That was it. No Mee Maw, Papa, Pee Paw, etc.

As for my parents, their names have already been decided and have been in use for 13 years. Mimi and Grand are here to stay.

I do love Pops, but I refer to my Dad as Pops so that one is taken.

Maki, Nona, Gi Gi, Oma, Grams, Poppi, Mummi - there are some really odd names out there.

So Grandparents, put on your thinking caps. This isn't something you pick lightly; it takes a lot of thought and consideration and will stick with you FOREVER. Remember, your grand kids will fondly refer to you on the playground with their best buddies. Do you really want them to tell their friends that they are going fishing with G-Pa?

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