Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rocking in the Nursery

After a long night of feedings, a crazy morning of getting the Boys packed up and out the door, working all day, entertaining the Boys after work and then bathtime, I find that I need some downtown.  I mean I really need some downtime. 

After the Boys go to bed, I know I should be doing something more productive (like laundry), but I find that sitting in the rocking chair in the dark and quiet nursery makes it all melt away. 

There is something so peaceful about the hum of the fan along with their sweet breathing sounds.  Jackson is a quiet sleeper and Brooks, true to form, snores, but it's a sweet snore.

I sit in the dark, sometimes with my eyes closed, sometimes playing on my phone, but mostly just listening. 


  1. I'm having a funky day, so maybe this is a pitty post...but I would give anything in the world to sit in a dark room and listen to my baby sleep. I am so happy that someone as special as you gets to do just that.
    It's the little things. really.

  2. Sat an extra few minutes listening to the babes sleep tonight. Thanks for the reminder.