Monday, March 21, 2011

Everything Digital

Digital Scrapbooks
I'm not into scrapbooking.  It requires a lot of tools, space and time.  But, I want to document my children's life.  Thanks to Hollywood Housewife, I found a solution to my problem.  Project Life makes this task manageable.  It's all digital so it's something I can work on here and there...all I need is a computer.  Upload all your pictures and with a few clicks and some text your scrapbook is on its way to completion.  Project Life offers a couple of options - daily layouts or monthly layouts.  I chose monthly.  Each month I plug in a few pictures with some text and viola...all done.  Check it will be amazed at how easy and user friendly it is.

Photo Books
Also thanks to Hollywood Housewife, I figured out what to do with all the digital photos from the Boys newborn photo shoot.  In less than an hour, I designed a hardback book using  I also found this site to be very user friendly. I will post pictures of the book when I receive it in the mail.  I think photo books would also make great gifts!

iPhone App
I'm totally addicted to the Instagram app.  If you have an iPhone, download the free app, search for me by name (Kendra Bridges) and choose to "follow" me.  I'm going to take a break from Facebook and post pictures here instead.  So if you have an iPhone join in the fun, then you can take pictures with the app and show me what's going on in your world.  Leave me a comment when you have downloaded the app so I can "follow" you.  Here are a couple of pictures I posted on Instagram over the weekend.

The boys at the beginning of our Sam's shopping trip.

The Boys at the end of the shopping trip.  Brooks was not happy!

Bailey with blooms from our Bradford Pear Tree on her nose. 

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