Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Village

My Village is Grand.

It consists of endless amounts of family and friends.  I could not have survived this journey thus far without each and everyone of them. 

Today I salute my cousin, Jade. 

I haven't spent a lot of time with her as an adult since there are 13 years between us. When I left Ardmore she was around 5 years old. I got to see here on occasion and each year that we celebrated Christmas in Kansas.

For the past few weeks, Jade has kept the Boys a couple of days a week.  This means for me that I don't have to load up the Boys and all their necessities for daycare.  These two mornings a week for me are glorious!  Sometimes the hardest and most stressful part of the day is the morning...getting everyone fed, dressed, bottles made, bags packed, car seats loaded in the car, car seats unloaded at school and carried with all their garb to their classroom.  For the Boys, it means one on one time. 

Each morning I look forward to seeing what color socks she will wear or what color fingernail polish she'll sport. To quote her, "I don't do anything black and white." She is such a joy to be around.

Throughout the day, she sends me updates on how the Boys are doing; I really look forward to these.

One day I received this along with all these pictures.

"While Brooks took an almost 4 hour nap, Jackson and I had a photoshoot.  Brooks joined in after his nap."

Not going to lie, this one kind of creeps me out.
Look at Bailey in the background.  She just wants to join in the fun.

Knowing my kiddos are loved and cared for makes going to work so much easier.  Thank you, Jade, for that gift!

Stayed tuned as I highlight more of my Village in the coming weeks!

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